I have not posted in a while because I recently had my fourth child. Logan Forest McLaughlin was born on February 5, 2013. Also I was sick for the last part of my pregnancy so it has been hard to find a time to sit and create let alone write about what I am creating. In anticipation of Logan’s birth, however, I did have some time to try my hand at some design. Here is the birth announcement I designed (I still need to print it).

loganbirthannouncement Front.

loganbirthannouncmentback Back.

I so enjoyed designing this piece and I hope to have it printed eventually. It seems my life is a list of things that I hope to do, one I will never complete, I suppose. Regardless I adore Logan just as much as my other sweet children. I am a blessed.

Here are some more pictures of Logan. He has started smiling since I took these photos so I need to take some more photos soon.





logansm-6780 logansm-6751



logansm-6757 Logan with his big sister Fiona. If you are trying to get good pictures of your children what you need more than a expensive gear, is good lighting. I took these in my bedroom.




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