We are fully immersed in the “Do it Yourself Era.” The trend is fueled by nostalgia, this same nostalgia drives us back to fixie bikes, film cameras, and vinyls. My parents generation (the baby boomers) fled their roots to make a new life for themselves. They started businesses, created the current status quo for families (two kids, two cars, mid sized suburban home), and gave their children everything they didn’t have growing up. As a result the current generation of young people (20-30yr olds) and many others are trying to return to their roots and rediscover what makes things have emotional value. We can buy most things we want (made in China) for practically nothing, so we long for something more, something that will have emotional value. Many find this by making things themselves, or find meaning by buying things with a purpose (TOMS shoes, 31 Bits Jewelry, Crochet Kids). Items whose value is not in what they are, their value is the hope they give someone else.

All of this rambling is the product of my experience as one who both creates and loves to teach. I am thrilled to share what I have learned with others. There is something freeing in being able to create or make something.

I recently got back into making jewelry. I love it. Knitting is also wonderful but being as it is 80 degrees outside already I have decided to make jewelry by day and knit by night (when I can find time with four kids!).

One easy way to make your own jewelry is to buy a chain (gold, brass, silver, or mixed metal) and then hunt for a pendant. Right now druzy are coming in.


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